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Layla & Jerry is an online boutique for the young-at-heart looking for a little freedom in the clothes they wear and products they use. This is our way of combining an affinity for fashion, technology, food, music, travel and art; all while finding beauty in the ordinary things in life to express a true hippie state of mind.  


A little more about us...

Jessica, Rob, Jerry & Layla

We appreciate your interest in Layla & Jerry! 

Our story starts with two small pups, a boy and a girl (myself) young and in love, living in St. Louis, Missouri, looking to fulfill their dreams in the pursuit of happiness. I was a textile specialist and coordinator on the design team at a global footwear company, and my fiancé - Rob, was working at a large financial consulting firm as a certified stock broker and financial advisor. Life was great, both of us were promoted a few times and we were looking to buy a home in St. Louis and settle down...when suddenly, a once if a lifetime career opportunity arose for the both of us in southern California. It was a lot of work moving across the country, switching job industries, leaving our hometown, family and friends. It was mentally and physically exhausting; definitely one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. There were several risks involved. It was not a guaranteed success story, but we persevered.
This is when I started Layla & Jerry as a first time entrepreneur in the digital advertising world, and man has it been a whirlwind! 
After relocating to Newport Beach, California, we took an even bigger plunge across the Gulf to San Juan, Puerto Rico with our two pups Jerry and Layla. See the handsome little blonde pup? That's Jerry (Maltese & Yorkshire Terrier) named after Grateful Dead's god, Jerry Garcia. And our sweet baby Layla, a female Yorkie, whose name is from Eric Clapton's infamous song (and quite possibly the BEST piano solo of all time) "Layla". Rob and I cherish our two babies and share a deep passion and appreciation for music of all genres, but especially good ole' rock n' roll and jam bands from the decades before us. 
Taking a leap of faith to move out of the states away from our family and friends, and jumping head first into new careers was challenging, but when I put on an album of The Doors, I think about the messages behind the music during that time, and about my family, who ingrained the classics into my soul: such as Jimi Hendrix, Sam Cooke, Patti Smith, Elvis, The Mamas & The Papas, Led Zeppelin, Chuck Berry, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Pink Floyd, John Denver and David Bowie, just to ramble off a few icons (which my family totally blasted around the house growing up). When listening to the music and the stories they tell, I'm inspired by their rebellion for authenticity, never getting comfortable, always pushing the boundaries. It reminds me why we made this journey to fulfill the American dream of entrepreneurship, as others did before us. Just trying to enjoy the ride along the way!
We started this online boutique in hopes of sharing the vintage vibes carried from generation to generation that still inspire us today, along with new innovations. We hope our products spread peace & love as you go about your day.

"Once and a while, you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right." - Grateful Dead 

Thanks for supporting our small business.

Sending love & light your way,
Jessica, Jerry, Layla & Rob


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